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First Milking

April 5, 2009

Last night was the first night I shut the new kids away from their mommas for the night.   I know some folks like to start milking when the kids are one week old, but I prefer to start at two weeks to ensure a healthy start.  I do what is called “share milking” where I shut the kids up at night, milk the does first thing in the morning and then turn the kids out to be with momma all day.

This morning was clear and cold with some weak sunshine.  I started off with Molly and she danced around a bit on the milk stand, stepped in the milk and did all the usual things a first time milker does.   She finally settled down and I milked a cup from her before turning her back into the paddock.  That was no where close to milking her out so she is shaping up to be a good producer.

Next up was Mame’ and she managed to squeeze out the gate and take off, when I was putting Molly back in. Had quite the time rounding her up again, but did finally get her on the milk stand.  She wasn’t nearly as cooperative as Molly, and after milking about a 1/2 cup and wearing more than that (I milk in in a rain jacket for reason!) I turned her back out with her hungry babies.

Hopefully in a few weeks time they will become as acustomed to the routine as Allie is, and just run to the milk stand and hop up on their own, and stand still.   Until then I will just have to keep getting up a little earlier to account for the extra time that chores are now requiring.

Kids and Momma's after this mornings milking

Kids and Momma's after this mornings milking

On another note, “Rainie” has been renamed “Ramie” by my hubby so that she can be referred to as Doe-Ray-Me.    Fits into the word play we started with “Stormy the weather” last year.  🙂