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A beautiful morning

May 15, 2009

It was a beautiful morning for doing chores today.   Not quite warm enough for a t-shirt, but I didn’t need a coat either.   The cows were in a mellow mood and I was able to give Matilda a good brushing and even Maggie stood still for a few strokes.  It seems the more pregnant Matilda (blue halter) becomes the mellower she gets, although she still won’t allow me touch her unless there is food involved.  At least I can now pet her before I actually give her food.   (Her EDD is July 11th.)

The girls enjoying a sun break

The girls enjoying a sun break

Now on to the goats.  The bottle babies are doing well and Bekah is a big help with feeding them.  Last night she went out and fed both of them on her own.    All three boys have been sold to the same family and will go just as soon as they are weaned.

If there was a “wide load” contest I think Millie could easily win it!  With three weeks to go until her due date she is looking very large and uncomfortable.    Needless to say, since she is a first timer I will be camping out with her until those babies arrive.   Allie is due one week later and is also looking large, but last year she looked huge too and then only had a single large kid.  This will be her 4th kidding, so I’m not as anxious about her.  She is a good mother and knows what to do.

Allie (left) and Millie enjoying some clover

Allie (left) and Millie enjoying some clover


Cautiously Optomistic

October 23, 2008

Well today is Matilda’s rebred date, and so far I have seen no signs at all of her coming into heat.  Now that it is almost noon, I am growing cautiously optimistic that she indeed might be bred.   I will give it a couple more days and then pick up the pregnancy testing supplies.    The earliest I can draw blood for the test is the 4th of November, so I still have plenty of time to wait.

This morning Matilda stood quietly and let me give her a nice back massage while she was munching on some alfalfa pellets.   She still won’t let me touch her without food being involved, but at least she stands quietly for attention without trying to move away.

Maggie on the other hand still moves away when I try to touch her even when food is invovled.  She did do a little better this morning and I was able to touch her should briefly on both sides.  But if I let my hand linger longer than 5 seconds she moves off.


Meet Maggie & Matilda

June 30, 2008

These two yearling heifers are the start of our Dexter herd, and were purchased from Willamette Valley Dexters on June 25, 2008.   The long range plan for them is to be family milk cows.

Maggie is out of Wolfmere’s 2K and Celestial Eclipse.   She was born June 21, 2007.

Matilda is out of Wolfmere’s Cayenne and Celestial Eclipse and was born June 15, 2007.