Photo Gallery

Just a few pictures from our little corner of the world.




  1. love the web page, very nice

  2. Hi Jane, Can I come live with you? How interesting and exciting your life is. I am so happy that I can keep up with the Wags Ranch. Have a nice 4th of July. Susan

  3. Jane it all looks so beautiful! How wonderful to have your own little piece of heaven!

  4. Your little piece of heaven is perfect! you have worked hard and made something so nice for yourself and the kids especially. Memories in the making.
    And your animal menagerie is fun, although I’m with Bekah, a pony or horse would do nicely!!
    I will have to stop by next time I’m traveling up that way.
    Thanks for sharing.
    fondly, Krisanna

  5. These pictures bring back memories, of when my kids were young. We had pigmy goats, minature horse, donkeys, mule, cows, pigs, peacocks, rabbits, chickens, horses. It was quite a farm. My daughter joined 4H, my son didn’t like it so he quit.

    Our donkey protected the little guys from coyotes and cougars in our area. However: coyotes killed and ate all the peacocks, chickens, rabbits, but none of the other critters.

    Also sadly all our goats seemed to get kidney failure from something they ate. I use to enjoy watching them push the front door open and walk into the house, jump into the truck of the car to sniff inside bags of groceries, etc.

    Fun days, I hope your kids enjoy the farm lifestyle

  6. soooo cute! I just want to squeeze the little goats and kiss them.

    Great farm!

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