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I’m selling my Dexter Heifers

May 20, 2009

I love cows, and have always wanted a few of my own. But after almost a year it is plain that I am the only one in my family that loves them, and since everyone else is happy drinking goats milk and I’m the only one that wants cows milk, I think it is time, for the sake of family harmony, to put “my beautiful ladies” up for sale.

You can see my Cragislist ad for them here.


A beautiful morning

May 15, 2009

It was a beautiful morning for doing chores today.   Not quite warm enough for a t-shirt, but I didn’t need a coat either.   The cows were in a mellow mood and I was able to give Matilda a good brushing and even Maggie stood still for a few strokes.  It seems the more pregnant Matilda (blue halter) becomes the mellower she gets, although she still won’t allow me touch her unless there is food involved.  At least I can now pet her before I actually give her food.   (Her EDD is July 11th.)

The girls enjoying a sun break

The girls enjoying a sun break

Now on to the goats.  The bottle babies are doing well and Bekah is a big help with feeding them.  Last night she went out and fed both of them on her own.    All three boys have been sold to the same family and will go just as soon as they are weaned.

If there was a “wide load” contest I think Millie could easily win it!  With three weeks to go until her due date she is looking very large and uncomfortable.    Needless to say, since she is a first timer I will be camping out with her until those babies arrive.   Allie is due one week later and is also looking large, but last year she looked huge too and then only had a single large kid.  This will be her 4th kidding, so I’m not as anxious about her.  She is a good mother and knows what to do.

Allie (left) and Millie enjoying some clover

Allie (left) and Millie enjoying some clover


Silly Heifer

January 2, 2009

As I mentioned previously I was given a couple dozen left over christmas trees to feed to the goats.  My Dexter’s also like eating browse occasionally and have trimmed all of the trees in the pasture to a very even height.

So this morning I decided to give them a tree to munch on and threw a smaller christmas tree over the fence into the pasture.  As soon as I did Maggie went nuts and attacked it.  At first I thought she was just trying to get a bite, but then she got it up on her horns and started tossing it around like a bucking bull tosses a barrel at the rodeo.

Meanwhile Matilda was standing at the fence looking for treats and occasionally glancing Maggie’s way with a look that clearly said “We aren’t really that closely related, she is only my HALF sister!”   I have no idea why Maggie was so riled up by that tree, but it sure was funny to watch!


Rain, rain and more rain…

December 29, 2008

I hate doing chores in the rain more than the cold, especially when it is raining sideways!  I think the animals, especially the goats, hate it more too since they are fed outside and have to stand in the rain to eat.  Goats do not like getting wet!

My goats love to eat our fir trees, in fact we have had to wrap chicken wire around all of the tree’s in their pasture to keep them from completely girdling them.    So my plan on Christmas day was to take the pick-up and collect a few of the free left over Christmas trees.   But the truck wouldn’t start.

So the following day I decided I could at least fit some branches or a small tree in the back of the van and drove into town to see if there were any free trees left.   I drove by the Teen Challenge lot just as they were starting to tear it down.  I asked for branches, which they gladly gave me and in the course of the conversation, I persuaded them to deliver the entire lot of left over trees to my house.  So now I have several dozen Christmas trees piled up by the goat pastures.    The goats seem to be enjoying the new found bounty, and the larger trees will be cut up to fire wood to donate after the goats strip them.   (We don’t have a fireplace or wood stove.)   Certainly a better use than just out right burning the lot of them!

Maggie & Matilda don’t seem to like the rain all that much either and have holed up in their shelter for a good portion of each day.   Unfortunately the wind has blown the haystack tarp a bit and rain got into a corner of the haystack and several bales are moldy and completely ruined.  I’m not sure yet of the extent of the damage, and with the high winds we are having untarping and retarping isn’t an option until the winds die down.

I’m going to have to start regularly supplementing their feed with alfalfa pellets, an expense that wasn’t in the budget!  Ah well, that is the life of a “rancher” there are always unexpected expenses and unexpected joys too!


I survived the rodeo

December 5, 2008

First of all, yes I know I should have planned things a little better when I tried to loosen the heifers halters, especially Maggies.   I guess I was lured into a false sense of ease with Matilda because she was so easy.  At any rate Maggies halter was off and I needed to get it back on.

Maggie tolerates my presence because I bring her food and treats.   She is not what one would ever call a friendly cow.   So why do I keep her?  Mostly as a companion to Matilda and because I am hoping I can yet change her attitude and even more importantly that she will eventually give me a heifer calf.

Moving on to this mornings rodeo.   I brought them alfalfa pellets as a bribe and distraction and managed to get a rope around Maggie’s neck without too much trouble.  Then the real fun began.  To get a halter on her I have to get up close and personal with those horns of hers.  And she does like to use them!

She wasn’t purposefully trying to hurt me, but she sure didn’t want that halter back on.   We had a bit of a shoving match and at one point I had her on her knees, but eventaully I was able to wrestle the halter back on her and get it buckled.  It does fit much better, but as soon as I can afford it I will be ordering custom Dexter halters from Thomas’ Dexters.


Gratitude, Wishes & Challenges

December 1, 2008

It’s that time of year to think of all things we are thankful for.  I am thankful for our little ranch and the opportunity to expose our children to a rural lifestyle.   They certainly seem to enjoy the animals and helping with chores and all of that is a part of building their character.

On Thanksgiving day the weather cooperated long enough for us to get the last of the siding up on the cow shelter.  They seem to appreciate the additional protection from the weather.  I still haven’t gotten around to drawing blood on Matilda for the pregnancy test – yes I’m a big chicken.  🙂   At least I haven’t noted any signs of heat in her, unfortunately I haven’t noticed any clear signs of heat in Maggie either.  Hard to judge when to breed her when I can’t figure out her cycle.

I noticed that the girls halters were getting a bit tight so I decided to adjust them.  Matilda let me adjust her’s with minimum fuss, but Maggie managed to slip her halter and I haven’t been able to catch her since.   I think I’m going to have try alfalfa pellets and see if that will distract her long enough to get a rope around her neck.

It is also this time of year that I start wishing for a “real” barn so I could do most of the chores inside – especially the milking chores.  But real barns are expensive, and we really don’t have a good place to put one since we live on a ridge and level ground is pretty much non-existent.    But it is nice to dream about one anyway.  🙂


Stormy Weather

November 13, 2008

Yesterday we had an all day wind & rain storm, with wind gusts up on our ridge that were 30+ mph.  I was a little worried that the animal housing was going to hold up.   I was also worried about some of our big trees coming down and taking out a shelter or too.   Fortunately we survived this latest round of storms and the weather is much improved today with a few peeks of sunshine.

Hopefully the drier weather will last long enough to get the ground around the cow shelter dried out a little bit.  It is such a mucky mess right now that the heifers are slipping and sliding when they come running for breakfast.

I stilll haven’t gotten the heifers pregnancy test done, and now we are two cycles past Matilda’s AI date with no sign of her coming back into heat.  So if the weather (and Matilda) cooperates I’m going to try and draw blood and get the test sent off tomorrow.