New addition to our herd!

June 25, 2009
Castilleja Jasmin

Castilleja Jasmin

Today we purchased Castilleja Jasmin who was born 5/07/2006, from North Fork Nigerians.   She was one of a set of quads, and she has has kidded once previously with a single doe.  Jasmine inherited her father’s length of body and has a beautiful udder that I am looking forward to milking.

Sire: AGS Sandy Hollow UK Balboa
(AGS Rosasharn’s TL Ukelele Ke’a +*B x AGS Goodwood KD Chiapas)

Dam: Blue Mountain Princess
(AGS Tupence Moonshadow x AGS Valley View Redstart’s Roselin)

"Mani" was enjoying his breakfast when we arrived

"Mani" was enjoying his breakfast when we arrived

She is currently bred to Diji WP Blu Dyumani (“Mani”) who is a very handsome blue eyed buck.   In addition to his blue eyes, he also has some unusual patterns on his ears that I am hoping will show up on his kids.

Jasmin’s estimated kidding date is July 30th,  but she isn’t showing very much for only being 4 weeks out, so I am suspecting that she will only produce a single kid.    This is one of those rare occasions when I’m actually hoping for a buck or to be more exact a herd sire quality buck kid.    If I get my wish, we will retain that kid as our second herd sire, since the pedigrees on both dam and sire are outstanding, and he would be completely unrelated to the rest of my herd.

Needless to say Ari and Bekah are thrilled about the new addition to the herd and that there will be more goat kids in the near future.   She is a very sweet lady and I am hoping she will also pass along her very gentle and calm demeanor to her kids.

Bekah and Jasmin getting aquainted

Bekah and Jasmin getting aquainted


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