Bottle Baby Update

April 13, 2009

Yesterday Bekah joined in the bottle feeding regime.  At first Rudy kept leaving her and coming to me looking for a bottle, but this afternoon he went straight to her and polished off a bottle in no time.

Ramie will come up to the bottle most of the time, but this morning she only drank about half her usual amound and pretty much refused her noon bottle.   Not sure what is up with her, since she is still trying to sneak in and nurse off of Mame’.

Meanwhile Reggie, decided to check out what his half-siblings were getting and ended up drinking about a half bottle himself and that was enough to convince Ricochet to have a swig or two as well.

I need to get all four of them disbudded this week, and get the boys listed on Craigslist.  Reggie and Rudy will definitely be sold as wethers, but Ricochet is registrable and a very nicely put together buckling and I am going to see if anyone wants him as a future herd sire.

If you would be interested in purchasing any of the three boys – please send me an email.

Bekah feeding Rudy his noon bottle.

Bekah feeding Rudy his noon bottle.



  1. What fun for Bekah! I bet she was proud!

  2. Hello, I am about to start bottle feeding as tw oof my does are getting ready to kid, one late, the other early! What do you use for nipples? Prichard or lamb??? what’s the right size?

    • Personally I wouldn’t bottle feed if I didn’t have to. We use lamb nipples, and the size depends on the size of your babies.

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