Bottle Babies

April 9, 2009

Raime and Rudy are slowly taking to the bottle and drinking more with each feeding.  This morning Raime actually came to the bottle without me having to catch and hold her.  Rudy was interested, but changed his focus and went after Mame’ instead.

Both Raime and Rudy are trying to nurse on Mame’ but she is having none of it.  They are hounding her to the point that she won’t stand still for anyone to nurse.   So this morning I had Bekah hold Rudy while I gave Raime a little more from the bottle.   As soon as they stopped pestering her, Mame’ stood still for Ricochet and Reggie to nurse.   So everyone finally managed to get their breakfast.

All four kids seem to be doing well, and are very lively.  It is such a hoot to watch them all playing together and expressing their joy of living.


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