A very sad day on the ranch

April 7, 2009

Yesterday may have started off well, but it ended very badly.  The kids and I left for town about 11:30am and everything was fine.  When we got home shortly before 1pm we discovered Molly had died during our absence.   Needless to say, we were all shocked and heartbroken by her unexpected death.

I have no idea at this time what might have caused her death.  The breeder I purchased her from a couple of years ago is taking her body to the Vet College near us to have it autopsied in hopes of finding out what might have killed her.

Now poor Mame is suddenly finding herself beset by FOUR babies clamoring for her attention.  She is fairly tolerant of  Molly’s babies (Ramie & Rudy) hanging out with her, but she won’t let them nurse.  I have been bottle feeding them and so far that is going ok, other than it really ties me to the house.

It was heart wrenching this morning when I went to feed them and then turned them out in the paddock for the day.  They were running around calling and searching for a momma they will never see again.

RIP Molly!  4/2/07 - 4/6/09

RIP Molly! 4/2/07 - 4/6/09


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  1. I am very sorry to read about your loss.

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