Day 2 started off well…

April 6, 2009

Day two of milking the first timers dawned bright and sunny.  I decided after the fiasco of chasing Mame’ around yesterday that I would start with her.  She did much better today, and I got about a cup before I stopped and turned her back out to the paddock.    I could have taken more, but at this point it is more about getting her used to it, than anything else.

Molly was less cooperative today than yesterday, but since she has nice big orifices milking her when she does stand still is pretty quick.    Unlike cows, goats do not normally poop or pee while on the milk stand.  Today was the exception to that rule.    Poor Molly apparently was not feeling well and she let loose with a blast that covered me, the milk stand and quite a bit of the surrounding area as well.    Needless to say the milk from her was dumped, all my clothes went into the wash and I hopped into the shower as soon as I had cleaned everything up outside.


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  1. got pics??


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