Goat Kid Update

March 22, 2009

I am happy to report that Reginald (Reggie) is doing markedly better this morning.  He is now walking, and actually walked out onto the porch of the kidding shed to survey the big world.

Ricochet (Ricky) is living up to his name, and is a bouncy, inquisative boy with quite the personality.

After the rocky start on motherhood, Mame’ is doing much better.  She does tend to pay more attention to Ricky, but she is doing better about taking care of Reggie and responding when he calls.    She was so engorged this morning that I milked her a bit and she stood still for me without any sort of restraint at all.   Hopefully that will be the case when I finally get her up in the milk stand as well.

I took the above video about 2am while I was out sleeping with the goats.


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