Can you take vacations?

March 1, 2009

When you have animals, especially dairy ones, you have to make a commitment to provide them with care nearly 24/7.   You  can’t skip milking times because you don’t feel like it, or you would rather hit the beach instead.

Folks often ask if modern day homesteaders are able to take vacations and the answer is a qualified “yes”.   You can take vacations IF you have someone reliable to take care of your critters.  The difficult part is finding that person.    If you are friendly with your neighbors they might be willing to trade “critter sitting” with you so they can also get some time off.

We are blessed to be able to swap “critter sitting” wtih the lady we bought our little herd of goats from.   We also try to time the breeding schedule so that birthing isn’t expected within a month of our trips.


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