You don’t have to have a PhD to milk a goat!

January 11, 2009

A few weeks ago my sister came to visit during winter break from her PhD studies in Indiana.  She offered to watch the kids over night for us, so that hubby and I could get away by ourselves for the first time since the kids came along.

The one catch was it involved her doing chores, and that included milking Allie.   A very patient experienced milking Nigerian Dwarf goat.  Janet’s first attempts at milking Allie resulted in some milk coming out, but I don’t think anything made it into the quart sized Pyrex measuring cup I usually use for milking.   Allie finally had enough of all the nonsense and stepped into the milk.

Fearing our overnight excursion might be in jeopardy, I finally took my dad up on his offer to milk since he frequently brags about how he used to milk some 50 years ago.   He came over with my sister to learn the routine, and things did not go well.  My sister turned out to be the better milker.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and I so wish I would have had a video camera to record the three ring circus as they both tried to figure it out.

My sister did finally get the hang of it, and proudly showed off her newly acquired skill at least once more before she returned to the university.

So tonight, after putting up with my sister’s bragging my hubby finally agreed to have a go at learning how to milk.    Maybe its a guy thing, but he didn’t have any more luck at it than my dad.  Nigerian Dwarf goats are small, and there isn’t much “equipment” to work with when you are trying to milk them, so I’m guessing the larger mens hand may be part of the problem.

Ah well, at least he tried and I will keep trying to teach him how, in the words our four year old daughter, to be a “real farm boy”.



  1. Jane, that gave me a good laugh to end my day! Make sure you take the video camera along the next time!

  2. Kids, they say the darnedest things, had a good giggle..

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