Silly Heifer

January 2, 2009

As I mentioned previously I was given a couple dozen left over christmas trees to feed to the goats.  My Dexter’s also like eating browse occasionally and have trimmed all of the trees in the pasture to a very even height.

So this morning I decided to give them a tree to munch on and threw a smaller christmas tree over the fence into the pasture.  As soon as I did Maggie went nuts and attacked it.  At first I thought she was just trying to get a bite, but then she got it up on her horns and started tossing it around like a bucking bull tosses a barrel at the rodeo.

Meanwhile Matilda was standing at the fence looking for treats and occasionally glancing Maggie’s way with a look that clearly said “We aren’t really that closely related, she is only my HALF sister!”   I have no idea why Maggie was so riled up by that tree, but it sure was funny to watch!


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