Still Freezing!

December 17, 2008

Yesterday the temperature never got over 30 despite being sunny all day.  Today it is slightly cloudy and warmer, although if you look at the wind chill factor it is actually colder today.    Snow mixed with rain or freezing rain is in the forecast for our area through Sunday so I don’t expect it will be getting any better for awhile.

I couldn’t break the the ice on the cows water troughs this morning so I had to haul hot water from the house to soften up the ice enough so I could break it up and toss the chunks out of there.  The ice was 4-6″ thick on their troughs and on the goats smaller troughs as well.

In all I hauled almost 80 gallons of hot water and another 20 of cold water.    I know a stock tank heater would elimante the need for hauling, but we so seldom get weather like this that I hate to spend the money on them.


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