I survived the rodeo

December 5, 2008

First of all, yes I know I should have planned things a little better when I tried to loosen the heifers halters, especially Maggies.   I guess I was lured into a false sense of ease with Matilda because she was so easy.  At any rate Maggies halter was off and I needed to get it back on.

Maggie tolerates my presence because I bring her food and treats.   She is not what one would ever call a friendly cow.   So why do I keep her?  Mostly as a companion to Matilda and because I am hoping I can yet change her attitude and even more importantly that she will eventually give me a heifer calf.

Moving on to this mornings rodeo.   I brought them alfalfa pellets as a bribe and distraction and managed to get a rope around Maggie’s neck without too much trouble.  Then the real fun began.  To get a halter on her I have to get up close and personal with those horns of hers.  And she does like to use them!

She wasn’t purposefully trying to hurt me, but she sure didn’t want that halter back on.   We had a bit of a shoving match and at one point I had her on her knees, but eventaully I was able to wrestle the halter back on her and get it buckled.  It does fit much better, but as soon as I can afford it I will be ordering custom Dexter halters from Thomas’ Dexters.


One comment

  1. YEEE-HA! Wish I could have seen that, Jane! Glad you came out of it okay.

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