Stormy Weather

November 13, 2008

Yesterday we had an all day wind & rain storm, with wind gusts up on our ridge that were 30+ mph.  I was a little worried that the animal housing was going to hold up.   I was also worried about some of our big trees coming down and taking out a shelter or too.   Fortunately we survived this latest round of storms and the weather is much improved today with a few peeks of sunshine.

Hopefully the drier weather will last long enough to get the ground around the cow shelter dried out a little bit.  It is such a mucky mess right now that the heifers are slipping and sliding when they come running for breakfast.

I stilll haven’t gotten the heifers pregnancy test done, and now we are two cycles past Matilda’s AI date with no sign of her coming back into heat.  So if the weather (and Matilda) cooperates I’m going to try and draw blood and get the test sent off tomorrow.


One comment

  1. HI Wags,
    Its good to see your up and around again.
    I am forum lurker, family cow, Irish dexter cattle, etc. etc. etc. Well I was until recently, when I finally introduced myself in most of them.
    I had noticed over the last few weeks that you stopped posting and wondered what happened to you? Then I read somewhere(family cow)that you had been sick. I hope your over whatever it was. The reason I resonated with your posts was because I have 3 Dexters heifers myself. Yours must be around the same age as my youngest ones because I also had mine Ai’d around a month before you had your girl done. They all settled first try. I followed your milky bull section on the Dexter forum with much interest..There have been a few really interesting topics on color lately.
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and look forward to your insightful questions and comments in the future.
    Have a good one!

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