Time Change on the Ranch

November 3, 2008

Obviously the folks that think we need to keep doing this time change thing never milked!  It is nice to be doing morning chores in the daylight again, but boy does it mess with the routine.

Milking requires a pretty strict routine, same time every day, give or take a half hour.   And if you are milking twice a day those milking times need to be 12 hours apart.  Then along comes a time change and you have to work to switch your animals over to a new time for chores.

And the change doesn’t just affect the animals being milked.  All of them thrive on a routine and knowing they will get fed at a certain time of day.   When we “fall back” instead of being fed at 7am, they are suddenly getting fed at what feels like 8am to them.   And believe me they are not afraid to vocalize their displeasure at the change!

I have yet to see any conclusive studies that say that the time change actually provides any tangible benefits, and I know from first hand experience that it certainly causes plenty of problems.  I wish we would just pick one time and stick to it!


One comment

  1. I’m with you, Jane! I want it left like it was in summer, though, since our afternoons are cut short by that high mountain to the west anyway!!!

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