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Continued Heifer Training

October 30, 2008

Now that I can get Matilida to stand still for touching if she is eating alfalfa pellets or apples my next goal is to get her to allow touching while she is eating hay.   Apparently hay isn’t good enough in her book to warrent putting up with being touched.   This morning she would snif my hand, but never did allow me to touch her.

As expected Maggie was even worse, she threw a bawling fit and kept running around the corral.   I finally managed to get her to at least take a mouthful of hay from my hand.  But I can clearly see that i have my work cut out for me moving them to the next level of acceptance.

Ah well, challenges are a good thing – right? 🙂


Cautiously Optomistic

October 23, 2008

Well today is Matilda’s rebred date, and so far I have seen no signs at all of her coming into heat.  Now that it is almost noon, I am growing cautiously optimistic that she indeed might be bred.   I will give it a couple more days and then pick up the pregnancy testing supplies.    The earliest I can draw blood for the test is the 4th of November, so I still have plenty of time to wait.

This morning Matilda stood quietly and let me give her a nice back massage while she was munching on some alfalfa pellets.   She still won’t let me touch her without food being involved, but at least she stands quietly for attention without trying to move away.

Maggie on the other hand still moves away when I try to touch her even when food is invovled.  She did do a little better this morning and I was able to touch her should briefly on both sides.  But if I let my hand linger longer than 5 seconds she moves off.


Waiting in the Fog

October 22, 2008

So now the waiting to see if Matilda is bred or not begins in earnest.  Tomorrow is her rebred date, so if she isn’t bred I should start seeing signs of heat today.  Bet you can’t guess where most of my attention is going to be focused today.  🙂

We have been having the morning valley fog this area is famous for in the mornings.  Fortunately, it usually burns off by mid morning, and then we have beautiful sunny afternoons.  Temperature at morning chore times have been in the mid 30’s and that cold damp fog really chills a body in no time at all.  Makes me thankful I have a warm house and a hot cup of coffee waiting for me when chores are done.



October 19, 2008

I haven’t worked with the cows in a week or so, since it has been raining and lets face it I’m not really into hugging wet cows.  Yup hugging!  Well at least Matilda will allow me to hug her.  While she was eating this morning I was able to stand right next to her and give her a nice back rub and a hug.  Just as long as I don’t touch her neck she could care less.   Of course she still won’t let me touch her if food isn’t invovled, but I’ll take what I can get.

Maggie on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with me this morning but did finally settle down enough to allow me to briefly touch her on one side only, but at least I didn’t have to tie her up to do it.   I need to start working with her on the stanchion again.   It will probably take the next two months to get her calmed down enough for AI and if Matilda settled then I will have Maggie AI’d in Dec/Jan.

Such a difference in personality between these two half sisters.


It’s getting green!

October 13, 2008

With all the rain we have been having lately it is finally starting to green up around here.  The grass seed fields that surround us have sprouted and look like bright green velvet.  It is quite the contrast with the fall foliage on the trees.

On the critter front it appears now that none of my does are bred, so we won’t be having any winter babies, but next spring we should be having a bunch. 🙂   Other than that, not much going on except a whole lot of waiting.   Ten more days of waiting and watching to be exact, until we find out if Matilida settled.

View from the living room


Here’s hoping…

October 2, 2008

Matilda went into heat yesterday right on schedule and the AI tech came this morning.  Matilda stood pretty still for the procedure, and the tech said she “felt good”.    October 23rd is her rebred date, and I am so hoping that will not be necessary!   If that date passes without signs of her coming into heat then I will draw blood for a pregnancy test on the 3rd of November.

On my way back up to the house I noticed that one of my does, Molly, that I thought was bred and due in November is very much in heat.  If I let her in with the Buck today that would put her due date March 1st which would be too close to our vacation.  So she will have to wait for next month.

And so goes the reproductive life cycle on a ranch.  🙂