An udderly great training session!

September 28, 2008

I haven’t had the heifers in the stanchion for a couple of days now, but they both went in willingly.  Maggie was a little reluctant to get both feet up on the platform but once she did that she did just fine.

When it was Matilda’s turn she barely hesitated getting into the stanchion, and once she figured out how to get her horns through the head gate stood quietly when I closed and locked the headgate.  As long as I was feeing her apples she let me touch her back and hip.   Since she was standing so still I rubbed her belly a bit and then touched her udder area.  I eventually made brief contact with her udder and that resulted in a slight raising of a foot, and a shifting away of her body.  Not sure if it was the contact or my cold hands she objected too.  🙂

I am so excited that she allowed that much touch without objection.  I was thinking I was going to have to go the stuffed glove on the end of a stick, and I’m glad I probably won’t have to resort to that.

Matilda should be coming into heat about the 1st of October, so I am watching her closely and praying I make the call to the AI tech at the right time.


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