Wanna buy a donkey?

September 18, 2008

For Sale:  One very sweet miniature donkey gelding.  Great with kids!  Not so great with cows and goats.

Koozy and the cows have been getting along so well lately that it was a bit of a shock when Ari & Bekah started yelling yesterday afternoon that he was chasing the cows.  I went out to check and sure enough he was running them hard.  I called his name and told him to knock it off, but this time that wasn’t enough.  Nor was going out in the pasture.  He kept chasing them until I managed to cut him off and they were able to hide behind me.

I gave him a time out for a few hours, but the minute I turned him loose he took off after them.   So I got to repeat the chase this time in the dark.   And just in case you are wondering, previously a “time out” was enough to stop him chasing them.

This morning when I turned him loose in the corral he laid back his ears and went galloping towards the pasture, but the gate was closed so he couldn’t get to them.  Right now he is pacing the fence line muttering to himself, and looking daggers at them.

I have no idea what set him off on this chasing tangent, but I absolutely can’t have him doing that.  Matilda’s next heat is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and if she gets chased like she did last night she isn’t going to settle.  Or if he chases her when she is pregnant she will probably lose the calf.

Since I just can’t trust that he won’t suddenly start chasing them again he is now up for sale on our local Craigslist.  Needless to say Bekah is very heart broken about this, but there really aren’t any other options.

So anyone want to buy a very sweet donkey?


One comment

  1. Hey Jane, I have a friend who is very active with mules and donkeys – Let me know how much do you want for him and I’ll pass the word along. Jenn

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