Milking can be so relaxing!

September 17, 2008

This morning Bekah was still asleep when 7am rolled around so i let her sleep and went out to do chores by myself.  I’m only milking one goat right now and Allie is an experienced milker that at least stands still for me even if she doesn’t produce very much.

It was so peaceful watching the sunrise and listening to the rythmic swish of the milk in the bucket and Fred the Red welcoming the day and talking to his ladies.   I’m sure once I start milking the first time fresheners in a few months (I hope!) and eventually the cows that it won’t be nearly as peaceful but for today it was a lovely relaxing time.

And speaking of cows, Maggie barely hesitated before walking right into the stanchion this morning and I was able to coax Matilda in without a lead rope.


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