Progress with Maggie

September 10, 2008

Matilda has been letting me touch her back pretty much whenever there is food in front of her.  Maggie on the other hand has only let me grab her halter and hold her while I briefly touch her shoulder – if apples are the treat involved.

Yesterday I was so behind schedule that I just tossed the apples over the fences and went on with the rest of the chores.  Today I went into the pasture to hand feed them like I normally do, and Maggie allowed me to touch her shoulder and back without my having to hold the halter! Behold the power of APPLES!

Thankfully the neighbor that we had gotten the apples from called yesterday and said she had a friend with an apple tree that wanted to know if we wanted some for the animals!  Oh yeah!



  1. What a deal. Free apples and cows that love them. You’re going to tame them yet!

  2. I can’t stop making your apple butter recipe. I live on an orchard so have free apples too. I’ve monkeyed with the recipe a bit, batch 3 has a hint of vanilla and some ginger and fresh ground pepper present … I’m thinking it will be terrific in bran muffin batter in the winter? I linked you on my blog last post.

    I have become speedy at preparing the apples too. I DO have an apple peeler corer, but can do it faster by hand, really. What I do is lay the apple on its side. Slice off both ends, about 1/2 inch in. Peel (I use a grater that you pull towards me) then I simply grate the apple, using my cheese grater, on largest setting right into the crockpot. Easy as pie (pun intended)

    Thank you for sharing your recipe!


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