Apple peels

August 29, 2008

Yesterday my mom and I put up around 50 quarts of applesauce (I lost count after 40) and the critters on the “ranch” were the recipients of the leavings.    I wish I could have taken video of the cows trying to eat the peelings.   It was like watching a comedic rendition of some one trying to eat a never ending tangle of pasta.

By the time I got home last night I was so beat that the thought of carrying water down the hill to Maggie and moving her post and pounding it into another spot…. etc, etc was just too much and I decided I’d see how she reacted to me and if she behaved I was going to turn her loose.    She allowed to me touch her without holding on to her lead rope, so she was turned loose to the pasture.

This morning both she and Matilda were waiting at the fence for me.   I’m guessing they could smell their second helping of apples peelings coming.   Koozy also got into the mix and chased the cows off of the first bit of apples.  Maggie ran into the open corral and Matilda (who shared apples with Koozy last night) just ambled off a few feet.   I gave her a pile of apples and she allowed me to stroke her back while she was eating.   Then I took the rest over to Maggie,  she allowed me to touch her briefly and was rewarded with her own heap of apples.

I will keep working with the girls on allowing me close, but I think I can safely say that step one of turning them into family milk cows is complete.   The next step will be training them to enter the milking stanchion and allowing me to touch their lower body.


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