Good Morning!

August 28, 2008

I left Maggie and Matilda on pasture last night, and they did just fine.  Matilda came trotting right up to the gate looking for a treat when I showed up this morning.   She let me take her by the halter and lead her into the corral where I tied her up.  I wanted to be able to approach Maggie without having Matilda tagging along.

Maggie did her strange little growl at me at first, but when she saw I had treats she lightened up.   I was able to give her treats and touch her as much as I’ve even been able to, even without holding on to her lead rope.   I was very encouraged by that!

After carrying water down the hill to Maggie (boy is that getting old FAST!) I got the rubber curry comb and went over to Matilda.  She was a little leary of it at first, but of course treats soon took her mind off of it.   I think she did very well for her first experience with it, especially since Koozy was hovering wanting to know why she was getting treats and a brushing instead of him.

So all in all it was a very good morning!  Now I’m off to make gallons and gallons of applesauce!


One comment

  1. Hi. I just found you with a google search. I’ve recently purchased a Dexter heifer (6 months old)to raise and eventually milk. I own her with two other families and she lives on the farm down the street from our house, where she was born. I am not a farm girl and am trying to learn all I can. I’ll be surfing your sight and maybe asking lots of questions. You can check our progress over on my blog.

    Good luck. And thanks for letting me lurk and learn.
    🙂 Katherine

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