Out to pasture!

August 27, 2008
Maggie & Matilda

Maggie & Matilda

After nearly a month of working with the heifers in the corral I felt confident enough in my work with Matilda to think that I would be able to catch her in the open pasture.   I was also getting frustrated with seeing my hay supply dwindle when there is plenty of browse in the pasture, especially after all the rain we had last week.  However, Maggie is hard to catch even in the corral when she is trailing a lead rope, and I can’t turn her out to pasture dragging a rope, finally about 3am this morning I hit upon an idea.

So instead of tossing them some hay when I went out to feed them at 7am I pounded in a t-post and staked out Maggie using the 25ft lunge line.  Matilda followed me down the hill to stake out Maggie and then followed (well “chased” is probably the more accurate term) me right back up into the corral looking for treats.  Seemed rather disappointed when I left.



I can watch them and Koozy (our miniature donkey) from the house so am able to monitor both theirs and Koozy’s behavior.   He did trot over to them and got them a bit riled up, but when I hollered at him to “leave the cows alone!” he moved off and kept his distance every since.

About 2pm I went out to check on the girls and took a few treats.  I wanted to see how they would react to me approaching them.  At first Maggie was very nervous and she made growling sounds, but once she realized I had treats she was fine.  I did not attempt to touch her other than her taking food from my hand.

Matilda on the other hand, had no problem walking right up to me.  I was able to take a hold of her halter and lead her a few steps away so she was out of Maggie’s reach and then was able to stroke her back just like I have been doing for the past week.   As long as there were treats involved she was content to stand there and let me keep the flies off.    I have a feeling that it is going to be the same way when I start milking her next summer – as long as there is food in front of her she will be willing to cooperate with a minimum of fuss.  At least I sure hope so!  🙂


Matilda helping herself to apples

Matilda helping herself to apples



  1. Beautiful pictures of your girls! You certainly seem to be doing well with them!

  2. I don’t know anything about cows (except I was so afraid of them as a child that I ran up onto a manure pile so I could get away from them), but they look like they’d be really sweet. Here’s to continued success with your taming.

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