Cow Milk Stanchion

August 26, 2008
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image

Well I finally got around to building the girls a milking stanchion.  You may be wondering why I’m building one now when it still nearly a year before it will be used.  Well at the rate it is taking me to tame these two I figure I’d better get started on getting them used to eating in there.

I built it under the carport so I could keep and eye on Ari and Bekah and stay out of the rain.   Not sure exactly how we are going to get it down the hill and into the corral, but I have a feeling it is going to involve putting the forks on the tractor.

Although the plans I came up with after looking at other’s creations is for a Dexter sized cow, it should still work just fine for smaller Jersey’s and other breeds of mini milkers as well.

I know a lot of folks have stopped by my blog looking for milk stand plans for goats, so I’ve included a materials list and a few measurements along with the pictures in case anyone is looking for plans for a cow milking stanchion.


One comment

  1. Thank you so much for the plans and material list! We are off to the lumber store right now! Have a blessed day!

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