Unusual Weather…

August 19, 2008

After a unseasonably hot spell last week we started having thunderstorms which is even more rare in this area.  We had thunder rumbling along with the occasional fast and furious rain showers most of yesterday.   The thunder rumbling was making all of the critters a little jumpy and I wasn’t too keen on being out in it myself so I didn’t do any more than feed yesterday.

Sometime Sunday evening Matilda managed to get her lead rope off.  There is no damage to it, so she must have had Maggie’s help.   I didn’t clean the corral or work with them at all yesterday due to the weather, so today they had to adjust to me in a rain jacket.   Blessedly Matilda is such a chow hound that a few chunks of alfalfa cubes and I was able to grab a hold of her halter and lead her over to where I had hung up her lead rope.

I have to tie them both up when I’m working with them or the untied one will harass the tied one and me looking for a handout.   Matilda quickly adjusted to the sight and sound of my rain jacket, but it took Maggie a little longer before she was willing to stand for “touch before treat”.  Overall she did really well.

When I was done I released Matilda from the lead rope, since she was easy enough to catch this morning I figure there is no need for it now.  Maybe by next week I can start letting her out to pasture during the day.   Alhtough I’m not sure how she will react to being seperated from Maggie.  And of course it will require a reintroduction to Koozy.

Speaking of Koozy he just loves Bekah!  She is the one that brings him treats twice a day while I’m working with the cows and she is also the one that usually brushes him.   He will bray when he sees her coming, but otherwise barely makes a sound.


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