Touch before treats!

August 12, 2008

This morning I tried something a little different with the heifers.   I tied them both up short and this time they didn’t get any treats until I was able to touch them.

For the past few days I haven’t had time to tie them, so Maggie was really regressing and she wasn’t too happy about this morning’s lesson either.  She allowed only brief touches on the first try, but after a break where I left to go eat breakfast (I can watch them from the breakfast table.) she was much more receptive and I was able to touch her on both the right and left and actually ran my hand along her spine almost all the way back to her tail.

As for Matilda she has been doing fine with touching even when untied as long as there is food in front of her and I don’t try to approach on her right side.  So this mornings lesson for her also invovled being approached and touched on that side before receiving the treat.  She is such a chow hound that I think I will probably be able to remove the lead rope from her by next week and still be able to catch her – at least in the corral.

Thanks to all of you that have left comments or emailed me with encouragement and suggestions on the taming process.  I really appreciate it!


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