I’ve been slimed!

August 7, 2008

…and I loved every minute of it!!  🙂

Now that Maggie & Matilda have gotten the hang of taking alfalfa cubes from my hand they have been begging for me for more every time I go anywhere near them.   Tonight I was working with the miniature donkey and had a few apple flavored horse treats for him.  I tried giving these to the girls previously and they would haven nothing to do with them.

After watching Koozy get treats Matilda started mooing at me, so I gave her one and she loved it!   She is such a chow hound that I actually had to tell her to back off several times because she was crowding me.   Even Maggie got over her shyness long enough to grab a few.   Boy was the slobber flying!

In case you aren’t aware, cows don’t have any top teeth.  They eat buy using their long tongues to rake food into their mouths.  So feeding them small things usually entails at least your finger tips going into their mouths since they can’t nibble like a horse or donkey does.


One comment

  1. Hey! I did not know that cows didn’t have top teeth, that’s cool!

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