Progress on the cow taming front…

August 1, 2008

I fed the cows very lightly last evening in the hopes that the “comfortably hungry” trick would work on them as well as it does on dogs.   I’m happy to say that Matilda is now dragging a lead rope just like Maggie!  The alfalfa pellets were just to tempting and she eventually allowed me close enough to snap on a lead rope.

I didn’t tie her up as the rope really freaks her out.   Every time she steps on it she gets into a battle with the rope, so she is learning to respect it without my having to be around.  Later on today I will start in with the short tie up routine, followed by treats.  Just wish I could find something other than sweet feed or alfalfa that gets their attention.

Maggie is not fighting the rope at all any more, and is learning that if she takes a step towards me that the pressure on her halter is released.   She will stretch out her nose and sniff my hand, but will not allow me to touch her yet.

In case you are wondering, the trailing lead rope is about 8 feet long and the knot on the end allows me to more easily catch up the rope when I want to work with them.  I’m sure it will take the three P’s – prayer, patience & persistence –  to get them tamed, but I am feeling much more optimistic this morning that it will eventually be accomplished.

Maggie & Matilda
Maggie & Matilda


  1. Good luck on taming the cows. Sounds like it will be a big job.

  2. My word, what an interesting blog site. What may seem to you who live the ranch life, just another day in the field, is really interesting to someone like me who lives in town. People like me do not appreciate what goes on behind the scenes in farming – one heck of a lot of hard work. Well done honey – love it.

  3. Great Job! They usually learn pretty quickly once they’ve actually got the halters on 🙂

  4. Way to go Wags! Just getting the lead ropes on is a huge accomplishment! One quick note: I was told to be careful of the knots or anything that might catch between their toes, causing the toe to break.

    I’ve been working on taming Maggie. I have a short catch line on her but not a long one yet. she will stand tied but leading is a whole other issue and she is not getting any easier to catch, just quicker! Perhaps this weekend I will be able to get some quiet alone time with her and really make some progress.

    One an exciting note, I played around with skimming some cream off excess milk and made my first butter! Wow, who would have thought I’d be so excited about a cow and milking? I probably would have laughed at the idea of it a few short years ago. Just goes to show how things can change if you keep your mind open!

    Congratulations on the cows, I bet they come along pretty fast now.


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