How to catch a heifer!

July 31, 2008

For the past couple of days I’ve been praying that I will be able to catch one or both of my yearling Dexter heifers.

We came home from my daughter’s karate class last night to discover that Maggie was all tangled up in fence line string that apparently was left within her reach of her horns.  She loves to play with anything she can get her horns on and this time it was her undoing.   Maggie wasn’t the one I was hoping to catch first, but apparently God thinks I need to tame her first. )

I managed to snap a lead line on her halter while I was carefully cutting her free and then I led her, with Matilda tagging along, to the corral.   I tied her up for an hour or so and then let her loose with the lead rope dragging behind her so that I can catch her again in the morning.   She will spend a good portion of today tied up in the shed until she starts to get desensitized to my presence and starts allowing contact.

The next few days should be a whole lotta fun!


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