Field Fence Unroller/Stretcher

July 28, 2008

A field fence unroller/stretcher is a real back and time saver.  I first heard a description and saw pictures of one of these nifty devices at the Homesteading Today board.  The person had purchased theirs from Tractor Supply, but since there isn’t a Tractor Supply in the whole state of Oregon I had to go looking on-line.

The only other manufacturer I found was Farmland by Tarter.  Fortunately Coastal Farm and Ranch is one of their suppliers and even then I had to have it special ordered.   No one at my local Coastal had ever seen anything like it and a couple of the guys that helped me load it asked about buying it from me when I was done with it.

The description from Farmland is pretty accurate, “This Unroller/Stretcher lets one person handle the work of a crew. Field fence of all sizes can be unrolled and stretched easily without kinking or tangling. Once unrolled, fence can be stretched to the desired tightness and held in place for nailing or stapling. Easily hooks up to your 3-point hitch using the Category I pins included.”   We never tried working with it with only one person, but I could see how that claim would be true.  Usually we had at least two people and sometimes more helping attach the fence to the t-posts.   “Many hands, makes light work!”

We also used Wedge-Loc fittings for all of our corners so that we didn’t need to use wooden posts.  The best price I found for these fittings was at Kencove Farm Fence.  Basically the system uses t-posts to form any sort of braces your fence might need.    The Wedge-Loc company also has hinges that fit t-posts, and other accessories that allow you to build simple run in shelters using t-posts and plywood.



  1. Maybe you could rent the use of your fence unroller/stretcher out to prospective users. Sounds like you’ve been working real hard. Take care.

  2. Very cool! I miss living on a farm. My oldest benefited greatly from the lifestyle (he was an only child at the time).

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