What an adventure!

July 8, 2008

What an adventure the last twenty-four hours have turned out to be!  Monday afternoon I finished up the buck shelter and moved Sunshine into his new digs.  Then I used the left over wood to make him a little play platform since he likes climb.

Got a call back from the nice guy that gave me hay Sunday evening that he did indeed have a couple of tons of grass hay available.  My original plan was to pick up just one ton on Monday evening, and do the rest later in the week.  But then hubby said he would do the unloading and I got ambitious and got the entire two tons loaded out of the field!  Fortunately the field is less than a mile and a half down the road, because I had to make 5 trips to get it all here.   Needless to say I was pretty sore this morning.

Today was dehorning day.  I stopped off at the power company yard on my way to the rental place and picked up three wooden spools to make a larger playground for Sunshine and Stormy to climb on.   Then it was off to the rental place to pick up the rusty old squeeze chute.  Took almost an hour for them to get it working.  Got it home and then had some trouble getting it set up in the corral, but with the help of my sister, we finally got it ready and the girls coaxed into the holding pen just about the time the vet was supposed to arrive.  A half hour later he shows and after a brief consultation decides that the set up, timing etc just wasn’t right and didn’t want to go ahead with the job.   Oh yeah, his office had forgotten to tell me in all my many calls that we needed to have electricity available at the site.   At least he didn’t charge me for the visit.  So no horns were touched, but at least we did manage to get a pour on dewormer on them.

Had to call hubby for some extra “he-man” muscle to get the squeeze chute out of the corral and hooked back up to the truck.    If all this heavy lifting doesn’t kill me I’m going to end up with some “he-man” muscle of my own.   Never a dull momment on the “ranch”!


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