The Milk Stand

July 2, 2008

I built this milking stand back in May for my Nigerian Dwarf goats from plans available on  Scroungeman’s blog.  It was all built from scrap wood we already had  with the exception of a single bolt and the hook & eye closure.   Since Nigerian Dwarf goats are so much shorter than your standard dairy goats I measured Allie and then dropped the height so that the lowest bar was only 12″ high.

If I were to build another one I would make it an inch or two shorter and about 4-6 inches narrower so that it would be easier for me to straddle.  I like to milk from behind and the length is perfect for me to sit comfortably on a wide garden kneeling cushion that hubby got me.


One comment

  1. Looks good and looks like the kids are having fun! Glad you got some use out of the plans!

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