Welcome to our Ranch!

June 30, 2008

Ok, so maybe the word “Ranch” is a little ambitious for our just less than 5 acres.  But we all have to start somewhere right?

Our “ranch” currently consists of a eight chickens,  six Nigerian Dwarf goats and two yearling Dexter heifers that just arrived a few days ago.   If our four year old daughter had any say in the matter we would also have horses and ponies, but those can wait until she is old enough to help with their care.

My goal for this blog is to track the going’s on at our little slice of heaven on earth, and to present links and articles of interest related to Nigerian Dwarf goats and Dexter cattle.



  1. What a wonderfully cool site that you are sharing about your little piece of heaven. Really like the look and feel of the “Wags Ranch”.

  2. Who would of ever thought of you as ranchers! Just goes to show what children can do to us, or has this been a hidden trait. Love the cows! Have a great summer. Shalom Uvrachah

  3. Can’t wait till we see pictures of Bekah doing chores.

  4. GREAT BLOG… we are here just west of Eugene, this is the head quarters for the National “American Donkey Association”.
    Over the years we have discovered that Donkeys are a childs best Pet besides a Goat. We have a picture that was taken way back when of some children in a basket cart driving a Goat. I would send you a picture if you get back to us.
    ADA CEO Dale McCall

  5. Nice blog. I enjoyed the pictures.

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